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Drone Videography 

Blazing Arrow has everything you need to ensure your aerial shoot is a success. From pre-production planning to post production editing, our range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Our professional licenced pilots and editors will deliver cinematic dynamic content for anything from film, events, weddings, real estate, site inspections, geo-positioned time-lapses, festivals, extreme sports, and anything else you can think of.

You name it, we'll fly it. 

| Birds |

Dji Inspire 2, Dji Mavic Air 2, Dji Fpv, Dji Avata, and Geprc Cinewoop 25 w/ GoPro Bones

Partner in the skys:

Corvus Eye Media

Featured: BIG SKY 200 RACING

@yorracing #BIGSKY200 Offroad Road Racing in partnership with @MontanaDroneCompany! Such a fun weekend! Birds: DJI FPV, Avata, and Mavic Air 2 Song: Lou by Rone

Aerial Reel

A collection of our drone work from the last few years.

Recent project highlight:
Real Estate - Big Sky, Montana

This big beautiful house sits upon 20 acres with a perfect view of Lone mountain and Big Sky.

Snow Droning in Seattle

It snowed! Had to put the bird in the sky.

Seattle Smoke Adventure

The forest fires brought more smoke into seattle that we have ever seen. Went to  #MathewsBeach, #Gasworks, and the #UniversityOfWashington. Found a sunflower, got to skate a bit of flatground in #redsquare, and flew around #huskystadium. Very fun mission.

Stand Up Paddle Board - Seattle,Wa

A friend of ours, Jerica, dressed up as a witch and enjoyed some stand up paddleboarding with a few of her homies on lake Washington during a beautiful Halloween day. It was so fun flying around them! Keep watching until the end for some witchcraft.

Seattle Inception

Playing around with some downtown footage shot by myself and Corvus Eye Media.

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