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Event Production:
FTI Livingston Retreat

One way to create better Family Therapists is to get a bunch of them together to witness a Family Therapy session LIVE with an world renowned expert. That's just what this expert did! Check out what participants say about Scott P. Sells, PH.D. LCSW and this retreat here ->

Demolition Production:
Altenburg Hauling

What do you get with tons of TNT and fertilizer? A big big boom. Very happy to have filmed this. Might want to full screen this one >>>

Check out for more...

Event Production:
Hacks and Hops

A two camera shoot of an event full of presentations, slide content, custom side-by-side view, graphics, and intro segment. Check our for more...

Aerial FPV:

Some of my best shots from @yorracing #BIGSKY200 Offroad Road Racing in partnership with @MontanaDroneCompany! Such a fun weekend! Birds:

DJI FPV, Avata, and Mavic Air 2 Song: Lou by Rone @vigilanteracingteam3777 

Spotlight Video:
Nate Howe | Cub Power

A two camera shoot of an interview with the founder of Cub Power Skateshop located in Bozeman, with additional drone shots, b-roll, and graphics.